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Global Legacy 4.5

I forget what happened last time. As it turns out, so did everyone else.

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Hello, and welcome back to the Uberhood! It's nearly three years since I started posting these updates and I still haven't managed a full rotation. Damn. Still, I complete my final year of university in a few months, so I'm going to celebrate by knuckling down and playing all the unplayed households. But for now, let's visit Belladonna Cove.
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Global Legacy 4.4

Hey everyone! I'm sure it hasn't been that long-HOW MANY MONTHS? Yeesh! OK, sorry this one took such a long time. I really have no excuses, I had the pictures all cropped and edited and uploaded, and then just couldn't be bothered writing stuff. But it's a new year, so time to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. So on with the update!

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A week with the Aspir household

Wow, has it really three months? I'm so sorry. I need to be more timely with these things. Anyway, this update features the Aspir household. Now I did actually Livestream this household back in August (and if you want to watch that, you can find half the video here - sadly the first half just didn't save and the sound is missing for the first few minutes) but this gameplay is from a backup I made so I could stream without pausing to take pictures, so there will some differences.

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Global Legacy 4.3

Hey everyone! The summer holidays are over, it's back to studying, but y'know, it's always a good idea to take a break, have something to eat and waste a few hours on social networking, so here's a little update to get you into bad habits early on. You're welcome.

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A week with the Contrary and Bell families

Hello, welcome back to the Uberhood! Sorry it's been so long, I really have no excuse. Just game maintenance (I wanted the shops in my genderswapped uberhood to be owned too) and general life stuff (exams, sports day, the sudden desire to clean my desk) getting in the way of updating. But I finally sat down and finished writing, so here, have an update.
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Global Legacy 4.2

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been such a long time between updates, but I decided I wanted the shops in my genderswapped uberhood to be owned so sims could shop in them. It was a project that took longer to complete than I intended. Still, it's done now and it's time for another update to the Global Legacy.

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Welcome back to the Uberhood, where today, I'll be visiting a couple of families in Bluewater Village and Belladonna Cove.

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Global Legacy 4.1

Sorry this has taken so long, I've been concentrating on finishing my genderswapped uberhood, and if you like that sort of thing, you can download it here. But now I have some free time, so here's another update to the Global Legacy. Previously: Insomnia! Incontinence! Insanity! And stuff that doesn't start with 'in' like weddings and death and bright pink graphics of crash. Also we reached a real milestone when England became the first Sim in this household to manage to evade all my murder attempts and die of old age. Bastard.

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Batch of CC links

Another content list so I can add it all to my masterpost. Pictures go to the posts with the download info and stuff.
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