Weeping angel

Patel - Week Two

Over to the Patel household!

Eventually. Because when I first played these guys back in 2012, I thought the twins pale skintone was a problem with my geneticised skins, a valid concern when you recall surprise!alien Glen Ottomas. It was actually because Ramir had S2 genetics from his mother, but I guess I wasn’t the only surprised by S2 babies because when Tarlia released the super-mega-ultra-this-time-it’s-final clean Belladonna Cove, she changed it. So I decided to give Sahira and Deven here S3 skintones. To which the game said “fine, but only on the face because fuck you.” I changed appearance. I fixed tans and burns and flashing blue. I gave them new eyebrows. I deleted them and reloaded the lot. I deleted them and reloaded the game. Finally I cracked open SimPE and used SimSurgery to copy Ramir’s skintone over, and hurrah, it worked!

Except I only did it on Sahira at first, just in case it didn’t, so I had to go back out AGAIN and repeat the process.

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