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Sims 2 Custom Content

As I'm now acquiring quite a lot of stuff to share, I thought I'd make things nice and tidy and gather all the links in one place. Plus it'll allow me to note down what I'm working on in one place instead of cluttering up other posts and comment sections. So!

France's rose: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/24550.html
England's waiter outfit: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/24550.html
Seychelles dress: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/28952.html
Seychelles bows: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/35053.html
ChibiRomano recolours: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/37077.html
Adult-to-Teen conversions for GOS: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
Adult-to-Elder conversions for GOS: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
Various GOS Wishing Tree fills: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
Blind Date pirate clothes: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/56196.html
Teen Style Stuff pjs: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/56196.html
Tropical shirts for men: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/60009.html
Teen male pyjamas: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/60009.html
Top-only dresses: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/60009.html
Top-only child dresses: http://sushigal007.tumblr.com/post/120601744496/itty-bitty-cc-offering-for-you-all-its

Keep Calm and Carry On posters: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/32597.html
Flag pictures: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/35289.html
More flag pictures: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/37077.html
Pooklet Flamingos: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
Medical posters: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
Unusual words posters: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
Frameless Grilled Cheese posters: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
60 tablecloth recolours: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/56196.html
Big bunch of poster recolours: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/56196.html
Blind Date pianos, posters and piratey walls: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/56196.html
Nepheris Art Deco recolours: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/56196.html
Butterfly Crawler Wall Deal Recolours: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/56196.html
Doctor Who "Missing, believed wiped" posters: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/60009.html

Stop skilling and go to work: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
Supernatural potions as aspiration rewards: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
SimPE Photostudio templates: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/46258.html
Mood-boosting potions as aspiration rewards: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/48753.html
Extra challenges for the challenge generator: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/52288.html
Genderswapped Uberhood: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/59775.html


North Italy: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/27693.html
Germany: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/27693.html
Spain: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/27693.html
Seychelles: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/27693.html
Hong Kong: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/27693.html
Canada: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/27693.html
Turkey: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/27693.html
Greece: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/27693.html
Taiwan: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/28214.html
Japan: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/28214.html
Holy Roman Empire: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/36173.html
Chibitalia: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/37077.html

International Teens
Hong Kong + Aliens = Stitch: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
Englands + Aliens = Doctor, Master, Rassilon, Romana: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
Estonia + Aliens = Seven Of Nine, Spock: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
Russia + Russia = Russia Squared: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
France + Lithuania = Frania: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
England + Austria = Austriland, Engria, Vienna, London: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
America + Prussia = Amerissa, Prussica, Washington: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
Russia + Prussia = Prrussia: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
Turkey + Aliens = Paul: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
Greece + Aliens = Aura: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
Liechtenstein + Thailand = Liechtenland, Thaistein: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
Hungary + Japan = Hungapan, Jagary: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html
Germany + Aliens = Serleena: http://randomsushi.livejournal.com/34306.html

Sadly the Northern Line asylum sims were uploaded before I actually had a proper Mediafire account and they've since been wiped from their servers. I no longer have them on my hard drive either so they are no longer available. :(

And my Mod The Sims profile is here: http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=3047221. It won't be as active as my LJ because of the strict upload guidelines. Oh, and I've also posted a bunch of stuff on Garden Of Shadows, so check out my profile there too: http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?action=profile;u=38477. And finally, you can find all my recent CC on my s2cc tag over on Tumblr!
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