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A week with the Ottomas family

I've been playing the game for a few weeks now and you know what? I think it's time to have some babies. So today, I going to play the Ottomas family!

What do I know about this family? Samantha's pregnancy is borked in an unpatched game, and Peter and Samantha make some really ugly babies. Apparently. Well, my game is patched, so that's all good, and I'm sure their kid's can't be that bad. Right?

So after hunting around for a house that would fit them all, I finally settled upon a lot in Veronaville. There's a bedroom for all the children, a bedroom for Peter and Samantha, and Dora gets a daybed downstairs. With room dividers so she can sleep.

But no sleeping yet! After a quick makeover (THOSE CHEEKBONES!), I set Dora to work potty-training Tommy.

Then Peter reads him a story.

The welcome wagon consisted of Titania Summerdream, but sadly, she was eaten by the door.

They'll get better, I promise. Just do your homework and you'll be fine.

David: I'll do it later. Right now, I'm going to teach my little brother to play in traffic.

Bad idea! BAD IDEA!

Sharla's family are all in this house, but OK!

Titania: You have way too many toys in this house.
Samantha: I have three children. And I'm expecting twins.

Who needs toys anyway when you can jump rope for hours?

David kept his teen job because believe it or not, he does not want to become an athlete or a burglar! Way to go, David!

Peter teaches him how to study.

I don't know why people dislike this family so much. Look at them! He may be a Romance sim, but Peter is the best daddy and husband. Look at him petting her belly! Eeee!

He's dead easy to keep happy too, because he rolls lots of wants to date and makeout and woohoo with his wife.

Samantha: Tingly!

David is thrilled to be potty training.

Peter completes the job the next day.

Dora goes out for a jog and comes back fit.

Tommy learns to walk.

And Sharla learns to do her homework.

Tommy: Bath Gwamma!
Dora: Hold on a second Tommy, I think I heard something.


Baby one is a boy named Greg.

And baby two... uh...
Dora:What the hell is that thing?!
Yeah. Baby two is another boy named Glen. And I'll have no trouble at all telling them apart because Glen was born with a speckled alien skintone.

He may be randomly alien, but Dora loves her cuckoo grandson anyway.

No he hasn't, you liar.

Oh, and Peter also does not want to become a crook or an athlete. He wants to become a celebrity chef and his dream job popped up on the computer.

And it would seem Samantha has heard about all the budding criminals in this town because she wants to become Captain Hero. She loses some cash, but her first day at work is still pretty good.

She worked off the baby weight pretty fast. Jealous.

On the other hand, Dora's LTW is not job related, so I let her potter around the house most of the day, planting tomatoes.

These guys are just winners.

David tries to spam his dad with some A+, but there's no time for that.

Cause it's birthday time!

Not too freaky at all. I don't know what all those rumours are about.

Now he's a child, Tommy runs out every day to welcome his mother home from work.

Some brother-sister bonding in Grandma Dora's sitting room.

But they need other friends, so I send them off to a community lot to hang out on the playground.

Big brother David strikes out with the ladies.

Peter does much better during date night with Samantha.

David: Never mind, I don't need girls, I've got these guys to keep me company.

Nothing like sneaking out of your own home to surprise your husband with flowers.

Anyway! time for more birthdays!


Peter had to flee go to the toilet, so David grew up baby Glen.

David: Enjoy your final moment of being cute and adorable, Glen!

We interrupt the birthday with some pop-up spam.

Anyway! Seems the thought of growing up ugly was so horrifying, Glen shit his pants and wouldn't grow up, so Peter had to try again later.

He's... not much better. But at least it's hidden under hair.

There hasn't been a lot of Sharla in this update. She likes to spend most of her time in the garden, skipping and raking leaves.

The hungry door strikes again.

The children get into private school and Peter gets a promotion.

And then this happens! :D You see, Dora's LTW is to have six grandchildren. She already has five, she's a diamond at helping take care of them, and most importantly, Peter and Samantha don't mind having another baby. So I decided to indulge her.

Time for a family outing. I send everyone (minus Samantha and the twins) out to dinner to celebrate getting into private school.

The restaurant is run by a rather elderly-looking Phoenix Wright. Nice to see he's moved up from playing poker in an icky bar.

They also have the most fabulous elf waiter. I want someone to have his babies!

David: Bit wet this.

Poor Vicund Curious is still the number one target for peeping Toms in the uberhood.

Potty training.

David reaches the top of his teen career, which equals a scholarship for him.

And it's time for Sharla's birthday.

Grim: Oooh, a party? Am I invited.

Sharla: It's a great day to be me!
Dora: Well, Sharla grew up well, so I guess I'm OK with this.
I'M not! Samantha's expecting her sixth child for your LTW!

Riches do not improve my mood. >:(

I can't be too upset though, she did go out platinum. RIP, Dora, I'll miss you.

Everybody else: Well, we're still upset about it!

Now Sharla's a teen, she starts helping out with the twins too.

Samantha's second pop.

Promotional spam.

Sharla stargazing. You can see her teen features a bit better here. She's not beautiful, but she's certainly unique.

Tommy may not be able to help with the toddler skills, but he's still a great big brother, playing peek-a-boo with Glen for hours.

Skilling tag-team commence!

Peter: Oh ew, it's that guy again!
Lol, poor Vicund.

Vicund: Stop spying on me!
Peter: Hey, I saw you spying on me through that telescope, so up yours!

They don't need the money thanks to Dora's will, but it's good for college.

Speaking of college, David only has one day left as a teen, so it's time for him to go. I don't know where I'm gonna send him just yet.

All that looking through the telescope pays off.

And it's time for the twins birthdays.

Glen looks better than he did as a toddler.

Greg... is still horrifying. Oh dear.


So, the Ottomasses. I'd read all sorts of stuff about them, like Samantha's borked pregnancy and their tendency to make ugly children and dismissed it all as rumours. I'm eating my words now! Technically Samantha's pregnancy wasn't really borked in my game, it was a geneticised alien skintone that was randomly selected, but the ugly children thing? All true. I never give my sims plastic surgery, so Glen and Greg are just going to have to hope that age is kind to them.

Also, DORA! I cannot believe she went and DIED when I went and made Samantha and Peter try for a baby, just for her! Still, Sharla growing up well pushed her into platinum, and like I said, Peter and Samantha are both happy about it anyway, so they'll cope.


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