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Final week in Belladonna Cove

Remember a couple of months ago when I was all 'yay I finish uni soon, I shall spare all my spare time simming!"? I seem to be spending it watching TV, reading, doing housework and visiting my grandmother instead. Dammit. Still, I am playing and I am writing and here is the latest update from the uberhood, featuring the last few households in Belladonna Cove.

First up is the Rutherford Household, where Connor Weir is reflecting upon his life.
Connor: To have six grandchildren, I must first have children.

And maybe Florence will be the lady to have them with.
Florence: Could you be any more obvious?


Only then something went terribly wrong and Florence and Connor turned invisible. Which is distressing not because the Invisible Man is an enormous douchbag, but because my game threw a tantrum about it and crashed.

Let's try that again.
Florence: I have no objections.

Florence: None at all.

Ramir: Aww, young love.

Connor: What? I like her.
No, that's fine, I'm just surprised she's here because I ended your dream date back at the restaurant.

Dammit, I forgot to hide the toolbar. Well, it's not hiding anything you haven't seen before.

And now it's time for an outing.
Everyone: Why did we invite Jules? This is a bar.

One I didn't take any pictures of, it would seem, because my next picture is of Connor returning home after a triumphant day at work.

Connor: I got fired!

Oh yeah, and here's Geoff. He actually owns the house, so I should probably take some more pictures of him.
Geoff: I'm going to drink an entire bottle of vodka today.
A man after my own heart.

Since Connor got fired, he spends all his time playing games in his bedroom. It's just like living with... well, with me, I suppose, except I do change out of my pyjamas sometimes.

Back to Geoff. I'm trying to find his OTH in the hope it'll make him more interesting.
Titania: Think I can land on his head from here?
Er, probably, but I wouldn't advise you try it.

Geoff: I like this, this is fun.

Geoff: Did you take this picture to show off my body?
Of course not! I took it to show off your bathroom.

Erin: Do you like toys?
Connor: I like games.
Erin: That's really not what I asked.

Ugh, standards have gone downhill at the Micro Mall since I was last there.

Geoff: Did you buy these in Bluewater Village?
Connor: It was infinitely preferable to the restaurant food.

One day, the Cordial's came over unannounced, possibly to share the news about their nuptials, I don't know. I have had random outgoing sims barge into houses before, but not a married couple.

They even brought a stripper.
Armand: What? No we didn't.
Then where...?
Kimberley: Yes we did. Shush. We're keeping him.

I realised I'd been neglecting Geoff again, so I had him peep at the crystal ball, which offered Chastity Gere as a match.
Geoff: Do you like makeup?
Chastity: Of course. You need war paint on when you go into battle.

Geoff: Cool, cool. Oh, by the way, this is my bedroom and that is my bed. Feel free to get comfortable.
Chastity: Maybe later. Let's go out first.

Geoff: Why is there a tree here?
Why not?
Geoff: Fair enough. Next question - why isn't Chastity here?
Huh, weird. Well, she doesn't seem to be invisible, just missing, and that's something I can easily fix with a teleporter.

Geoff: While we're here, fancy something to eat?
Hopefully the standard will be better than at the Micro Mall.

To be honest, I don't think they'd notice.

And then it's a first kiss before he invites her home.

Connor: I call this tune 'drowning out my housemate's loud sex noises.'

Blimey, no wonder it's noisy, what with the mess these two are making getting into bed.

And the noise only gets louder once they make it into bed.

Geoff: Can I do it again?

Repairman: Don't mind me, just coming to fix the sink.

Random Nobody: Don't mind me, just here to use your computer.

And finally.
Will: Don't mind me, just here to offer you an invitation to my garage.

Next, the Traveller household! I had them introduce themselves to their neighbours.

Trisha: Really, we'd rather not.

That sound had better not be what I thought it was.

Later on, Tina comes home and brings Deven Patel for a visit.

Trisha: That's enough socialising, time for homework.
Tina: UGH.

Trisha: I'm not sure if pregnancy is making me nauseous, or your terrible walls-down images.

They both had the morning off, so I sent them to the museum. I figure they're probably into culture and history after all their travelling.
Trent: Wow, it's a rock.

Trisha: Say 'Trent'! Say 'Trent'!
May: Penis.
Trisha: Close enough.

That's a nice hat.

Trisha: Oooh! Guess I need to start thinking of more names that start with 'T'.

Trent: I've just realised we haven't actually got any space for a baby.
Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Tina is happily oblivious to the fact that she'll soon be sharing her bedroom with a new sibling.

Trent: And bend, and stretch.

Trent: How the hell is it staying up? You know, I don't think it's actually even real marble.

Second pregnancy pop.

Trisha: I can see right into Armand DeBateau's apartment with this.
But why would you want to?

Dammit Trent, don't be a piece of shit.

Tina: Look, I got an A!
Trent: Wow, that's wonderful!
Tina: Can I use the phone and tell my friends?
Trent: Sure, go right ahead.

And then I saw this. I'm keeping all my fingers crossed that it's just the childhood crush mod in effect and not a sign of the apocalypse.

She ended up inviting over Deven and his sister Sahira, who finally seems to be free of plague.

Deven: You don't mind if I throw sharp things around your living room, do you?

Trisha: The pain!
Deven: Did I get her?
No, it's just the miracle of childbirth.

So miraculous, I didn't even bother to screencap the baby. Oops!

Trisha: I could've done with some of this when the labour pains hit.

Trent: I almost didn't recognise you without the baby bump.
Trisha: Let's fix that then.

Tina: When I'm older, I'm going to go on a cruise.
No you're not, there's no cruise content in the game.
Tina: Clearly I have more faith in the CC community than you do.

Tina: Did I mention I got an A in school?
Trent: Yes, you did.
Tina: I think I should be rewarded for my academic excellence. I accept cash and cheques.
Trent: I'll buy you a packet of Pokemon cards.

Trisha: BLARF.
Oh great, that's just marvellous. Do you even remember where you put the other one?
Trisha: It's around somewhere. Trent can take care of it, I'm busy.

Trent did indeed take care of the as-yet still unseen baby while Trisha took Tina to the park and took part in a big ol' smustle party.

Tina has slightly more dignity and just spends the whole time playing catch with Buck Grunt.

Tina: You smell like farts.
Dog: How very dare you. Just because I sniff butts and lick butts and sometimes eat cat poop, does not mean I smell like farts.

First day at work and I can't even remember what job she has. I'm so good at this game!

Trisha: Oooh!
Trisha: That reminds me, have you actually taken a picture of the other one yet?
Ugh, stop nagging me, I'll get around to it.

Trisha: OK, but it's been fourteen pictures since I gave birth and still no sign of it.

Ahem. Moving on! This is such an adorable animation.

Trisha's OTH is music and dance, but she doesn't often get to play with the ballet barre I gave them.

Tina: ...

Tina: So what did you think about the World Cup? It was pretty cool, right? Mum? Mum?

Tina: Well screw you.

Trisha: Look!
The baby!
Trisha: The dust!

Anyway, meet Tony Traveller. You're just in time for his first birthday.

Trisha: Oh shit, what do I do, I can't remember how to actually handle one of these.

Trisha: *gives up*
Trent: Is she OK?
Well, she's not dead, so that's good enough for me.

Trent: OK, hold on, I got this.

Trent: That's better!

Bathtime for baby bear.

He's no longer a bear, but he's still got a taste for human flesh.
Tony: Nom nom nom.
Perhaps he'll grow up to be a zombie or a vampire.

Tony: That's right, stay home from work and pay attention to me.

Potty training time! You know what that means.

Trisha: Tedium?

How about you relieve the tedium with a story instead?
Trisha: Yo listen up, here's a story about a little guy who lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him...

Over to the Kim household! The thing that was immediately notable was that someone actually put some effort into creating their home. It's honestly the very first lot where I didn't immediately get the urge to rip out all the furniture. I did change the walls and floors, but then I think I possibly changed one or two items or furniture and then put one back because it felt wrong. Someone cared  about this place!

Cynthia: We're ordinary playables now, Cheech, isn't that fun?

I thought Gabby and Cheech were fighting for a moment, but they're just playing.

As are Cynthia and Ramir.

And Cynthia and Justin.

Cynthia: Playtime's over, get to work. You can't rely on your fame forever.
Justin: Is that why you and dad don't work an-

Outing time.
Trent: Oh my God, it's child star Justin Kim.
Robert: You think that's impressive, wait until you see my wife.

I kinda wish those 'hey, you wanna come Downtown?' outings weren't so late, my sims are often completely wiped by the time they get out.

Cheech: That's why I decided to stay home and watch Dancing On Ice instead.

Gabby: You weren't using this, were you?

They're not playing any more.

Robert: Is this bathtub new?
Oh! Yeah, that's one of the few things I did change - I thought the retro house needed a more retro bath.

Justin: Still got it.

Robert: OK Gabby, see if you can learn 'shake' before the headmaster gets here.

Unfortunately, I forgot I'd invited him and saved the game just as his car pulled up, so the scenario autofailed.
Headmaster: Ugh, these guys? I don't want them, I hated their show.

Robert: Aww, belly rubs? You want belly rubs?

Robert: You'll have to ask Cynthia, I've got stuff to do.

Robert: BAWK BAWK BAWK I'm a good actor, I am, I am!

Robert: Once upon a time, there were a family of brilliant actors and they were adored by everyone except for a couple of shitty critics, but nobody like the critics and they died alone and unloved and nobody found them for weeks and when they did, they'd been mostly eaten by crows, THE END.

I just like pictures of family dinners.

Cynthia: It's always wine o'cock somewhere.

Right, let's try this again.

Cynthia: Remember, we are humble and honoured and acknowledge that our show was pulp trash entertainment for the masses.
Justin: Was it?
Cynthia: No, it was art, but we don't say that until after you've been accepted.

Robert: But what if it doesn't work? What if he's one of those hardcore haters who thinks anything popular is automatically trash?
I could buy you a functional gun and spawn a headmaster who isn't such a fucking killjoy? But let's just see how it goes first.

Headmaster: OK, yes, the sets wobbled and one of the monsters was just green bubblewrap, but Cynthia promised to introduce me to the woman who plays Duchess. And they have a jacuzzi!

Robert: I farted in it and I feel no shame.

Cynthia: Well I guess he's not totally awful, he thought you were excellent as the cat nun-nurse.

Cynthia: Hi! Do you know how to make soup?
Kimberly: ...What?
Cynthia: I'm not very good at cooking, the catering team used to take care of all that stuff.

Robert's OTH is sports, so he's taking advantage of his unemployment to shoot hoops.
Robert: I'm not unemployed, I'm between jobs. There's a difference.

Robert: Oh yes, I'm famous actor, Robert Kim. Did I ever tell you about the time the crew accidentally left me tied up in the woods?
Kimberly: I just want to use your hot tub.

I was trying to find Justin's OTH and I thought it might be tinkering, but it's not. But I'm pretty sure helicopters spawn NPC's, like the cars so, so they're stuck with it forever now.

I had to get rid of the bathtub though, because it threw up this error whenever I tried to wash Gabby. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Gabby: You could always not bathe me, I wouldn't object.

To the park! It has no bathroom so they had to come home shortly afterwards.

Feeding time at the zoo.

Adorable animation is adorable.

Time for some Justin spam.
Justin: It's better than the email spam I just got.


Justin: Hahaha, bubbles.

The purpose of the trip was really to get Robert a logic point, but that's boring and I don't know why I bothered capping it.

Samantha: Your door's broken.
Robert: I think my back is too. Ow.

She stuck around for Justin's birthday too.

Justin: Hello puberty! Bring on the juicier acting roles!

Samantha: I just wanted to let you know I thought your TV show was great and I signed the petition to bring it back and I definitely don't write dirty fanfiction about you in my spare time.
And that's it from Belladonna Cove! Next up, Riverblossom Hills. See you there!

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Jul. 12th, 2015 06:21 pm (UTC)
Oooh, I'm excited to see you playing the Kims! They don't see much action in most people's games.
Jul. 12th, 2015 07:04 pm (UTC)
I think that's probably got a lot to do with how they've been put in the game. I know I didn't even realise they existed for a long time because I just don't tend to use the EAxis lots, so I never spotted that two of them had families in them. Then when I did, I panicked and thought I'd downloaded them and I knew you weren't supposed to install lots with sims in because you can't be sure all the extra data from their original hood has been cleaned up. But they're a nice family and I shall have fun with their genderswapped versions too. :)
Jul. 30th, 2015 02:14 pm (UTC)
Never had that no bone model error, sorry.
I enjoyed the update (two more Travellers, you are very brave^^), looking forward to reading the next one in RBH!
Aug. 5th, 2015 06:36 pm (UTC)
OMG, you're hilarious! Please keep posting!
Love your Uberhood soooo much!
Mar. 5th, 2018 09:30 am (UTC)
GeorgeBibAB - GeorgeBibAB

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