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A week in Riverblossom Hills

It's only been two months since my last update. I'm so organised! Anyway, this time I really am concentrating on Riverblossom Hills, so thank you for joining me.

The Wan household! I decided to send Cleo out to buy furniture, but Checo's apparently decided he can't be bothered to work today.

Happily I have one of those mods that enables you to control uncontrollable sims, and I was able to force him back to work, but not before several customers chucked their bags down and stormed off in a huff.
Checo: So sorry, I was in the middle of a very engaging level of Candy Crush.

Cleo: Hiiii! Guess what? I just brought a new bed. Wanna come over and help me break it in?

Cleo: What? No, no, I mean woohoo. I'm talking about you and me and a night to remember. Well, a couple of hours.

Leod: So, new bed, eh?

Cleo: We also have this new sofa.

How handy that they both have skirts for easy access.
Jamie McCrimmon voice in the distance: It's a kilt!

Patricia: You seriously brought him here and did the do on our BRAND NEW SOFA???
Cleo: Please, like you wouldn't have done the same if Gabe wasn't at work right now.

One short slumber party later...
Patricia: I'll need all the juicy details about his penis, of course.
Cleo: Nooo. No no no. I don't want to make Gabe feel inadequate.

Error, bills not found.

Cleo: See the stick? See the stick? Go get the stick!

Patricia: Why are you bringing that to me?

You know you two have separate rooms, right?

Patricia: So how many times did the two of you make sweet music?
Cleo: Can we talk about something else now? Don't you have a boyfriend of your own to talk about?

Cleo: Do you need me to paint a picture?

Cleo: Hiii! Wanna do it again? But you'll need to be stealthy, she would NOT shut up about you last time.

Leod: So your roommate thinks I'm pretty?
Cleo: Can we talk about literally anything else?

Cleo: Or better yet, let's just do this.

Leod: You have such good ideas.

Cleo: Actually I think perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all.

That idea's only a tiny but better, considering he spent most of his rotation grubbing in the dirt for cash.
(Watch as I lock it anyway.)

Patricia: I got fired today. :(((

I think he was just walking past this time. Mostly because neither of these two are romance sims and I don't think they have the energy for three booty calls in as many days.
Cleo: Wait here. I'll be right back.

Cleo: Hi, I'd like a coffee for my friend. Things are a bit shit for her right now, she just lost her job and I haven't told her I'm pregnant.

Patricia: The question is, do I have enough severance pay for a phone?

Plus a small amount of random tat.

Cleo: Guess I can't really hide it from her much longer.

Patricia: A pregnant woman needs lots of vegetables.
And apparently vomit.

Is that safe? That doesn't seem safe.
Cleo: No, it's fine. It's just litter trays I can't touch.

And apparently the rest of their day was totally boring because here's the next pop picture.

Cleo: Healthy orange juice.

And again, a whole lot of nothing happened.

After all that nothing, I'm guessing this is to spite me.

Patricia: And where do you think you're going to put two babies, Cleo!?
Cleo: To start with, I'm gonna shove one in your arms.

Cleo: A few more hands would be useful right about now.

Cleo: Oh look, aren't they cute?
Patricia: I guess they could be worse.
TS3 and TS4 will prove you correct on that one.

Patricia: Whoa, excuse me, I thought you said TWO?
Cleo: I meant at least two.

Patricia: I made food, if you have a spare ten seconds to eat it.

Now's probably not the best time.

Probably should've taken up Patricia's offer of dinner.

Patricia: EW.

Cleo: EW.

Babies: EW.

Patricia: Oh my God, a human being whose brain hasn't been scrambled by babies! Talk to me about the real world!
Faith: We've got overdue mortgage bills and there's a problem with Herbert's pension. Hey, don't you live rent-free in your best friend's house?
Patricia: Oh look at the time! I'm late for my Spongebob marathon.

And the round ends with the nanny taking a much-needed bath.

To the Goodies! I desperately need more hats/hairs with hats because the only one that suited Herbert was this one and he looks like a total tool.

Faith doesn't seem to care much though, which I suppose is the important thing.

Faith: The important thing is that I burned breakfast and now I'm sad.

It's amazing how therapeutic is it watching other people burn stuff worse.

Rose Greenman invited them for an outting Downtown, so I decided to send them to the pub. Herbert looks like the kind of guy who enjoys real ale.

The place is busy.
Herbert: Of course it is, we brought all our crew with us.
Do me a favour and never call the group your crew.

Herbert: Blah blah craft beer blah blah hipster nonsense blah blah hello fellow young people, I am cool, look at my hat.
Rose: I regret this.

Pub games because why not.

And then the lot crashed. When I reloaded, I decided I couldn't be bothered sending them out again, so the group did some fishing instead.

Alexandra: You need to dredge your pond.

Oops, I need to set Herbert a different sleep hair. He looks like Mr Wormwood here.

Herbert: So, cruise CC. What are your thoughts?

Herbert: I liked Harry Potter before it was cool.

Faith: Why aren't you kids in school?

They also spend a lot of time playing board games at home too.
Herbert: Well at our age, we're hardly about to do sumo wrestling, are we?
So it's not much surprise when the gamer guy breaks into their home.

Faith had a want to enter a cooking contest, so I sent her out to make fish. Let's just hope she doesn't burn this one.

Jason: Is it hot in here or is it just Chastity?

Chastity: Come on, judge, I put a lot of work into this.

Maybe so, but it's not enough to beat Faith.

Faith, shouldn't you get dressed first?
Faith. Nah, the dirt feels nice between my toes.

Herbert: Actually, sumo wrestling doesn't sound-
Faith: No.

I invited over the Greenman's-

And this immediately happened. Surely one of you could stay?
Rose: It's an excuse. We want to go home and-
Jason: We have twin toddlers, we both have to go!

Herbert: Oh my God, we're old.
Faith: You just realised?
Herbert: Look at my hat! I'm supposed to be hip!
Faith: Oh hush, before I push you over and break that hip.

Faith: I think I'll make salsa with the first crop.

The mahjong table was being glitchy, so I replaced it with a chess table.
Faith: Oh goodie, more board games.
Roll a want to buy something more interesting and I'll indulge you.

Herbert: Why do I have to do the gardening?
Because shut up, that's why.

Then I figured as they were spending so much time in the garden, they ought to buy a few little bits of decor for it.

Faith: It's amazing how many gnomes fit in this bag.
That's nothing, you should see how many hot tubs you can cram in there. I would not be surprised to hear Hermione Granger was inspired by this game.

Nature Lady: So I heard you like gardening-
Herbert: We don't. There's just nothing else to do.
Faith: Personally I'd live to go skiing but sadly there's no winter sports pack.

More games.

Townie: Don't mind me, I just broke in to play all your games.

And that's pretty much it for the Goodies.
Faith: Zzzz... my husband looks like such a douchbag in that hat.

Finally it's time to visit the Viejo household, where Betty starts the long and boring search for her LTW job.
Betty: I'd also be happy to settle for a rich husband.

Until then, it's off to your crappy job in the crappy carpool.

While these two freeloaders play video games all day long.

Dude, if your wife calls all the time to yell at you but today you actually want to talk to her, maybe you should pass that information on to your staff?

Catherine: I got promoted!
Betty: I got fired.

Betty: But on the bright side, I don't have to teach maths to children.

Time for that sweet, sweet Downtown outting. Enjoy this shot of it because the game crashed the moment I unpaused after taking this picture.

So we're right back where we started from. So far this household isn't exactly thrilling me-

Photobucket's doing it's best to shield y'all from this, but if I have to see it, so do you.

Guess I know why Andrew's living rent-free in his dead mother's best friend's house!


What homework? He didn't go to school yesterday - the lot time was after 13:00 when I loaded it.

I figured instead of rotting at home all day, Jacob might as well do something fun on his day off, so I sent him to the roller rink.

Jacob: Wheeee!

Jacob: Gee, I'd really like to talk to this girl, but there's just something stopping me.
Is it hormones? I bet it's hormones.

Jacob: What are your thoughts on Transformers?
Angela: I don't have any. Because I'm not six.

Tiave: Nah, Transformers are so 80's. Toy planes are where it's at.

Ripp: Personally I'd rather play with boobs.

Because I'm an optimist, I decided to push my luck and try another lot.

He meets Rick Contrary, who seems far more animated than he ever did during his round.

And then he rolled a want for a phone, so I sent him to the Micro Mall, which was when my computer finally noped out of here.

Because I'm an optimist, I sent him straight back out. Only he arrived with a bag, which is a bit odd.

Yeah, I definitely don't remember telling him to buy that.

Oh. OK, I'll upload it to LJ Scrapbook. I guess it must be really scandalous-

Are you serious, Photobucket!? They're not doing anything! The naughty bits are all covered! Jesus, I need to find another image host. One with bulk upload that doesn't scramble filenames.

Catherine: Hello, yes, this update needs more drama.

Andrew's certainly not bothering to provide any.
Andrew: What, woohooing my dead mother's best friend isn't enough for you? I've done my bit, I'm gonna spend the day in the tub now.

Betty: I'm busy. Clearly I'm not going to fulfil my LTW or marry a rich sim for that sweet aspiration boost, so I gotta get my Lifelong Happiness from a book.

Catherine: ANGRY MUSIC
Dog: Your singing hurts my ears.

Things were getting boring, so I decided to have Jacob invite over Sandra.

And she brought Puck Summerdream with her.

Jacob: Television?
Puck: My family's more into theatre.

Betty: Planning on some hot action with Jacob?
Sandra: Planning on stealing your queen.

Entertain me.

Oh! I forgot I'd installed this mod. Well shit, what am I gonna do with Jacob for three days?

Catherine: He can come to the library with me while I look for a new job.

Faith Goodie: I like your hat.
Catherine: Well now I hate it.
Yikes. I gotta download some more hats.

Jacob: Yeah, uh huh... no, don't go, there's some witch watching me and I need you to call for help if she turns me into a cockroach.
Witch: You're already a cockroach, little boy.


Jacob made a friend.

And then I saw a new possible friend for Betty. Counts are rich, right?

Jacob: Do you mind?
Catherine: Not really.

I bet if I let them, they'd do this all day, every day. Y'know, just like I would if I didn't have like, responsibilities and stuff.
It's amazing how realistic this game can be.

Catherine: Why am I doing this? I don't give a shit about Nature.

Betty: Can't I do the gardening instead?
No, you clogged it, you can unclog it.

You two need new love interests.

How about Gilbert Jacquet? I seem to recall he had a bit of a crush on Catherine.

Gilbert: Just a bit.

Gilbert: Can we do that again some time?
Catherine: As many times as you want.

Betty: Oh wow, rain! Awesome!

Date time!

Oooh! Is this a mod? I've never seen it before.

Jacob: hai bb wat u wearin?
Sandra: I'm right here?
Jacob: haha and then wat?

Sandra: You do actually know how to spell, right?

Sandra must be literally the only girl on Earth who finds that sort of thing tolerable.
Sandra: Oh, I hate it, but dating him winds Jules up, which gives me so much more pleasure.
Jacob: What?
Sandra: Smoochies!

Sandra: Do me a favour and send this picture to Jules, OK?
I'm not going to get involved in your petty drama-ah, we both know I'm lying.

Betty: I'm so bored. Who's that guy? Can I call the Count yet?
Looks dark outside, so yep! Go ahead!

Andrew: Arrr!
Nobody cares, Andrew.

Count Gaetano: Bleh!

Betty: Your teeth are... very unusual.
Count Gaetano: Ah yes, fangs run in my family.
Betty: Have they ever run away from your family or is that unique to yours?

Betty: Splish-splash!

Count Gaetano: Excuse me, that is rude.
Betty: Wow, OK, calm down, Count Buzzkill.

Betty: Anyway, just asking for a friend, but if you're a Count, you should be really rich, right?
Count Gaetano: Well, moderately rich. I kinda forgot to pay taxes all through the 20th Century and that came back to bite me almost as badly as my original sire.

Betty: Jacob! I made pancakes for breakfast! They're only a little burned!

Jacob: Oh gee, look at the time, gotta go to summer camp!

Betty: I think I'm just gonna stay here and watch TV for a few days.
Catherine: I'm not even gonna bother getting dressed.

Bellhop: Welcome to Camp Hades.
Jacob: Oh good, that's not ominous or anything.

And here's the rest of the camp residents. Except not really because I forgot about the Tricou teens for a while.

Wow, uh, that's a lot of teenagers.

And they all have a lot of opinions about Sharla, Puck and Jules.

David Attenborough Voiceover: And here we have a rare sighting of a premade sim without a makeover.

They are all running wild and enjoying themselves and I love it.

Feeding time at the zoo.

Hal: So just asking for a friend, but have you saved recently?

I can't say I'm all that surprised, tbh. So I divided all the teens up into four groups of 11ish and decided that the first day would be the camp 'getting to know you' day before everyone splits into their groups. At first it was totally random, then I realised siblings would have to be in the same group or I'd be sending the same household on multiple trips which is way too much like hard work.

Then again, in some cases, splitting the siblings up might be worth it.

Angela: Geeeeeet dunked on!

Oh, hello! And who might you two be?

Well well well.

Of course, 46 teens on one lot does come with other downsides.

Wow, it's just like living with real teenagers!

So, here's Jacob's team - the Summerdreams, the Tricous, Romeo Monty and Sofia Baldwin, on a day trip to the shipwreck.

Sofia: Wanna shiver my timbers?

Next up, a visit to the local football stadium.

These two literally spent the entire night gaming.
Sofia: I am SO CLOSE to knocking ASS off the top spot!

Loren spent all night working on the car - autonomously, which I didn't think was possible.

And finally, fishing back at the camp to round things off.

Jacob: Goodbye, camp. It was nice knowing you.

Aw shit. Well, I don't know if you guys know this, but teens can't actually go on vacation alone, so in order to get Jacob to camp, I used the SimBlender to make him an independent teen. All seemed well until he got home and this happened.

And I set him back to teen, but he got a promotion at work that just doesn't seem right.

Meanwhile, these two are still doing this every spare moment they get.
Andrew: Aliens do butt stuff, right? How do you feel about that?
Catherine: I've always wanted to try pegging.
Andrew: That's not what I- never mind.

Now they're taking their gardening a bit more seriously, I decided to send Betty and Catherine out to the garden centre for supplies.
Catherine: Look, free oranges!
Betty: Are we actually allowed to pick those?

Get a hobby!
Catherine: I'm a Romance sim, this IS my hobby.
And what's your excuse, Andrew?
Andrew: I'm a Fortune sim. This is free.

Jacob: Come into the jar, glowy bug friends.

You're going to let them go, yes?
Jacob: Yeah, of course. I don't want a jar of dead bugs.

Yeah, turns out Jacob's OTH is nature, so he's taken over a lot of the gardening now.

And the week ends with Andrew passing out next to a pile of rubbish and an infestation of roaches. Dude, if you slept in your bed occasionally instead of shagging your mum's mate all night, you wouldn't be in this state right now.

Next time, I'm going to try something new - a Let's Play! I'm finding that frequently pausing to take pictures, editing them afterwards and then posting them with lots of captions is what's taking most of my time, and by the time I get around to it, I've forgotten a lot of the things I planned to say. So we'll see how that goes and if people like it. It's entirely possible my sound will crap out, my game will crash and I'll get stage fright in front of the mic, but it could also be a success. Either way, it should be entertaining!

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