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Patel - Week Two

Over to the Patel household!

Eventually. Because when I first played these guys back in 2012, I thought the twins pale skintone was a problem with my geneticised skins, a valid concern when you recall surprise!alien Glen Ottomas. It was actually because Ramir had S2 genetics from his mother, but I guess I wasn’t the only surprised by S2 babies because when Tarlia released the super-mega-ultra-this-time-it’s-final clean Belladonna Cove, she changed it. So I decided to give Sahira and Deven here S3 skintones. To which the game said “fine, but only on the face because fuck you.” I changed appearance. I fixed tans and burns and flashing blue. I gave them new eyebrows. I deleted them and reloaded the lot. I deleted them and reloaded the game. Finally I cracked open SimPE and used SimSurgery to copy Ramir’s skintone over, and hurrah, it worked!

Except I only did it on Sahira at first, just in case it didn’t, so I had to go back out AGAIN and repeat the process.

At least Ana and Ramir are happy with their new makeovers.

Ana: Shall I go and get the handcuffs?
Sahira: Are you busy? Because my skin-
Ramir: Yeah, little busy, hon, tell us later.

Ana: What was that?
Ramir: Nothing important.

At least I didn’t have to tinker with baby Asok’s skintone.
Asok: Yes, I am perfect.

Asok: Get a load of this S3 buttcrack!
All autonomous too!

Asok: Please don’t leave me, father, you are the only competent adult in this entire game.

Cute little family dinner.
Ramir: And how are you, my darling?
Ana: Honestly, I’m this close to asking you to pass the flour sack.
Roll some better wants then.
Ana: No.

Deven: Why am I not immediately perfect?

Sahira: I shall sue.

Ramir: The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the other two side.
Ramir: I think.
Deven: Sahira’s right, can’t we just sue?

Finally managed to fill one of Ana’s horrible wants and drag her out of red!
Ana: Feeling fit, feeling fab!

Cute little mother-daughter dance pic.

Ana: Now, where should I put this?
On the floor?

Ana: Haha no, that would be ridiculous.

Ana: Now I see why the kid took drugs to play this.

Frances, you’re engaged. To Mickey Dosser.
Frances: I can look.

That’s not looking.

Sahira: Got my A+! Didn’t even have to hurt anyone for it!
Ana: That’s my girl!

It’s such a shame they can’t all play a big group game of football.

Ramir: These are not my children.
Ariel: Does it matter?
Ramir: Eh, I guess not.

Toddler Asok!
Asok: I need new hair immediately.

He’s not the only one.
Ana: Breezy!

Potty training time!
Ana: Go away.

Yeah, I did not pick the best room for toddler training.

Nanny: YOU! YES, YOU!

You know what? I’m not mad I chose the teenagers because this is a right bunch of Karens, and Ramir’s boss sucks too.

A nice, chill evening.

Ramir: Think we can do it quietly?
Ana: Not if we’re doing it good.

Ramir: Loud it is!

Asok: *intense pooping face*

Ana: How old is this cake?
It’s been on your inventory since 2012.



I cannot lie, I am loving all this chill family time.

Ramir: So what I’m hearing, is more family.
That’s not necessary!

Ramir: OK but we’re still gonna fuck.
Ana: Yippee!

Ramir: Birthday time!
Asok: I wanna touch the fire.
Ramir: Don’t touch the fire.

Asok: I’m adorable.

Deven: I heard she walked out on a shift and the kid got taken away, so now they have to send a backup nanny out with her.


Ana: I can see Desiderata Valley from here!

He just aged up!

The twins are still adorable.
Deven: Ha! You suck at this!
Sahira: Your face sucks at this.
Deven: That doesn’t even make sense!

It’s Saturday.

Asok: Give me your finest lemonade, good sir.
Deven: Coming right up!

Deven: And now I’d like you to give me your finest lemonade.
Sahira: Nothing but the best for you, bro.

Asok: Excuse me lady, this was supposed to be a sibling effort.
Townie: Just give me the lemonade, kid.

Asok: -And that’s why I’m going to get an A+ on the first day of school.

But as it’s still the weekend, I let Ana take the children to the park.
Ana: ART.


Sahira: Spin it as fast as you can.
Tank: You sure? Because I’m pretty strong-
Sahira: Shut up and spin!

Sahira: HORK.
Tank: In my defence, this wasn’t my fault.

But this will be.
Sahira: Honestly a risk I’m willing to take.

And that’s our cue to leave!

Over to the next park! One day I will try and find out why my breakdancers are in suits, but that day is not today.

Ana: Ding dong, Thatcher’s dead! Which old witch? Thatcher’s dead! Ding dong, wicked Thatcher’s dead!

Asok: I just decided, I don’t like you.
Sahira: GASP! Betrayal!

Asok: And again!
Sahira: Wow. And I thought we were friends.
I mean, not quite, but she did have +15 to his -5.

Sahira: Daddy! Asok is being a little shit!

Invited over the Dreamers for a little socialising.

Sahira: SPACE.

Deven: Horrible outfit.
Sophie: Yeah, well, it’s cold and us townies don’t have a very large outerwear collection to draw from.

Just look at that little bit of cold air escaping! And that condensation on the door! Sims 4 could never.

Bella: Hi, I’m real Bella Goth, honest.


More cute family chilling.

But now it’s time for the twins to grow up!

Deven: Is... is she OK?

No, Deven. No, she is not.

Deven: Well, at least I’m buff.

Everybody: *gargling death rattle*

Sahira: Weird flu side effect!

Anyway, here’s teen Deven.

Woohoo interlude.

And teen Sahira.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Ana still sucks at cooking.

Deven: I’m better now.
Deven: False alarm.
Deven: This time for sure.

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